Nancy Grant is the sole author of three non-fiction books. She’s also written text as a co-author (working with a multi-author team), and as a contributor to a compendium. Each book is described here, with information on how to purchase copies.

The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Your Carbon Footprint
Released in May 2008, Nancy Grant's book, The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Your Carbon Footprint ($9.95), from Alpha/Penguin USA, is in national distribution.

Grant's volume in this popular series offers readers practical tips for wise energy use at home, play, and work. The book also explains - in friendly, easy-to-understand terms - the science behind a wide range of energy issues, including concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, environmental impacts, and global climate change.

Designed as a quick, ready reference, The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Your Carbon Footprint is practical -not political - and includes info on recycling and reusing, along with clear, concise definitions and background info about all forms of energy production and use.

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Frozen State
The deadly beauty of the 2009 ice storm and the heroic story of how Kentuckians fought back

This handsome photo essay book shows in vivid detail the stunning beauty and wrenching devastation of the state's worst natural disaster (more than 750,000 people without electricity in mid-winter) and describes in a fast-paced narrative how hundreds of dedicated people worked around the clock during dangerous conditions to safely restore the state's power grid to its normal functions. The book also includes plenty of action photos as the work progresses day after weary day, with massive machinery and men in hard hats front and center.

Enjoy close-up views of human nature at its finest and see cooperative principles in action as mutual aid workers and community volunteers prove that heroes - who just might be your neighbors - abound in America's heartland. The book also includes useful safety and emergency preparedness tips for ready reference.

Nancy Grant, Robin Roenker, and Debra Gibson worked as a team to research and write the book's main text and photo captions under the direction of editor Paul Wesslund and Managing Editor Anita Travis Richter. Co-op members also contributed their personal stories in a special section of the book.

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Published by Kentucky Living magazine and the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives, Frozen State is available for immediate shipment -- click here to order online by credit card or print a paper form to order by mail.

2010 NRECA “Award of Excellence” winner

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Christmas in America
Amid winter's beauty, Americans gather every December to celebrate Christmas by decorating, baking, wrapping and unwrapping, singing favorite carols, and visiting with friends and kinfolks. More than 140 full-color photographs capture unique family traditions, special holiday foods, outdoor scenes and illuminations, handmade treasures, and the many joys of the holiday season. Grant's informative and lively text tells of America's earliest Christmases, the mixing of various cultural traditions through the centuries, and the ongoing inventions and new-found combinations that add flavor and character to the holidays in every region of the country.

Published by a division of Random House, advance orders in 1991 for Nancy Grant's first non-fiction book Christmas in America led to a second print run being scheduled before the first printing was completed.

Copies of the book from both print runs are sometimes available on eBay and from many of's authorized re-sellers. You may also find a copy at antique malls, your local vintage book shops, and at Half Price Books locations.

Old Glory: A History and Celebration
Love of country, devotion to duty, national pride - the flag that inspires great acts of public valor, personal sacrifice, and dedicated service means something different to each person who sees it. Therein lies its majestic beauty.

With more than 120 photographs, Grant's text tells the story of the nation's flag, its place in the hearts and day-to-day world of Americans in every community, and the patriotism it continually inspires. Images of revered historic flags, homespun red-white-and-blue arts and crafts, re-enactments of key events in America's past, and contemporary ceremonies honoring today's heroes offer stunning proof of the vital role that America's oldest emblem of national unity has in our daily lives.

Published by a division of Random House, Nancy Grant's second non-fiction book Old Glory: A History and Celebration enjoyed brisk sales when released in 1992, then went out of print in the mid-1990s.

Copies continue to turn up from time to time on eBay and many of's authorized re-sellers often have copies available. Be sure to check your local vintage and antique shops and at Half Price Books locations, too.

Grant is available as a keynote speaker to talk about the value of active civic engagement, the cornerstone of democracy. Please send her an e-mail to inquire about dates and fees.

Today, Grant talks about why the free exchange of ideas is so necessary to the continued growth of democracy. For a description of her speech "Why Bother to Read and Write," click here or on the Speaking and Workshops tab at the top of this page.

Tools of the Writer's Trade
Dodi Schultz, editor; Nancy Grant, et al., contributor

Tools of the Writer's Trade, a compilation of practical writing tips from  the members of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (published by HarperCollins in 1991) offers keen insights into the working lives of journalists during a time of great change. Grant contributed material on a variety of subjects, from file cabinets to notebooks, ballpoint pens, and off-the-beaten path dictionaries.

Grant says, "Computer and information technology is vastly different today, yet this book still has much to offer to the aspiring non-fiction writer. As day-to-day working methods continue to evolve, the ASJA is committed to sharing information with newcomers to the field of journalism. Be sure to visit the ASJA website for the latest news about books, regional and national writing workshops and seminars that are open to the public."

Nancy Grant enjoys talking about her career as a freelance journalist and sharing practical writing tips with audiences. Click here to read descriptions of her speech “Has Boots, Does Travel” and two popular writing seminars, “Writing Backwards” and “Better Business Writing,” or use the Speaking & Workshops tab at the top of this page.